SPAN is here for you

  • Do you have students entering their senior year who expect to complete Indiana’s Core 40 and the academic honors diploma by next January? 
  • Do you have others who lack the necessary classes to graduate due to illness or other challenges? 
  • Do you have an academically advanced freshman or sophomore who will exhaust what your high school is able to offer in mathematics, foreign languages, or computer technology?
  • Do you have students interested in dual credit?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, the SPAN Division is what your student needs. SPAN, the early college entrance program at IUPUI, provides an opportunity for academically and technologically motivated high school students to begin taking actual college courses at IUPUI while continuing to complete their high school diplomas.

With more than 30 years, SPAN has served thousands of high school students.

When students apply

When students visit the SPAN Division office or website, they are instructed to complete an application form. Once the form has been completed, they must submit it to you (or the high school principal) for signature and endorsement. Once signed, the application form and an official copy of the high school transcript is mailed to the SPAN Division office where it is reviewed. If accepted, students are mailed a congratulatory letter outlining the next steps toward course selection and enrollment.

Once the registration process has been completed, a confirmation notice is sent to students detailing how to obtain an ID card, user accounts, books, and a parking permit. This requires an in-office visit that includes a mini orientation for students.

At the end of the semester, students may request that a grade transcript be sent to you. Privacy policies prohibit the SPAN Division office from automatically mailing a grade transcript. If students are receiving high school credit for a completed college course, they must contact the SPAN Division office and formally request a grade transcript be sent to the high school guidance office or directly to you.

If you would enjoy the opportunity for Dr. Russell to visit your school to talk with you about early college entrance opportunities for your students, please feel free to contact him with any questions or to schedule a visit at (317) 274-0382 or He is also available for presentations to students who you feel would qualify for and benefit from the program.