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SPAN alumni find success in future pursuits

Watts and Copeland are just two of the over 2,000 students positively impacted by SPAN. Through their numerous programs providing opportunities for high school students, the SPAN Division makes an impact and contributes to student success.

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2023 Summer Technology Camps

Develop your skills, or learn something completely new, in hands-on summer STEM camps for high school students offered through the School of Informatics and Computing.

The one-week camps provide learning opportunities that improve students' computer skills. Faculty from the School of Informatics and Computing teach the sessions and help students to explore in-demand career options.

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Former SPAN student earns prestigious Bepko Scholarship

Michael Surridge, a former SPAN student, was one of 17 incoming freshmen admitted to IUPUI in fall 2020 as a Bepko Scholar. The Bepko Scholars and Fellows program is the IUPUI Honors College's most competitive award program.

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