Highly Accelerated Scholar Initiative

HASI Enrollment Process:

1. If you have a child whom you believe is highly accelerated academically, the initial step is to schedule a meeting with the IUPUI SPAN Division director and the child’s parent or guardian. This meeting is designed to discuss events and activities that have led you to believe that the child is gifted. Discussions will center on intelligence tests and other identifiers that would suggest the student is accelerated academically in one or more subject areas. The child will not be present at this first meeting. Parents or guardians should bring copies of assessments, grade transcripts, testing, gifted program involvement, etc. Documentation of the child’s ability to read and write at the college level will be required prior to enrollment. If the student has not been previously identified as gifted or highly accelerated and has not successfully completed or exhausted high school curriculum in one or more subject areas, the parent or guardian should seek summer enrichment camps and other gifted programs designed for younger children. They may also wish to speak with local school administration about acceleration programs in which the student may begin to reach up into the high school level coursework.

2. If it is determined that the student has demonstrated strong academic success in one or more subject areas and has exhausted high school level coursework in subject areas, a second interview will be scheduled with the child present. The second interview is designed to assess the child's readiness for college immersion. If following the in-person interview and assessment, the student is determined to not be ready, then suggestions will be made for further enrichment through other gifted programming opportunities for young students. If the student demonstrates appropriate aptitude and social/emotional maturity, we move to step three.

3. The approved student will apply and be admitted to IUPUI through the SPAN Division HASI. Following admission, IUPUI placement exams will be completed if appropriate. Upon successful placement and a meeting with a SPAN academic advisor, an interview will be scheduled with the departmental chair or other appointed university administration of the intended course enrollment. Upon departmental approval, course options will be explored.

4. Once a specific course and section is determined, the SPAN Division will provide orientation and enrollment services to the student.

5. Student progress will be closely monitored and includes monthly check-ins with the HASI student and a midterm evaluation.

6. Upon successful completion of the first course, other course enrollment opportunities will be discussed.

7. Once a HASI student has completed a minimum of 9 credit hours, the student will advance to higher SPAN Division programs that provide greater enrollment options and flexibility.