About the Program

What is SPAN?

The IUPUI SPAN Division was established in 1984 to provide opportunities for academically motivated students to take college classes. While our programs target high school students, younger students have qualified and excelled in our programs as well. The SPAN Division offers six accelerated college immersion programs: the Running Start Program, the Upper Class Program, the CyberTEENs Program, the Computer Tech Scholars Program, the Take6 Program, and the Nanotechnology Program (NEST).


30+The number of years SPAN has provided opportunities for thousands of students who have enjoyed great success.

1,900+The number of students since 2005 who have enrolled in IUPUI coursework through the SPAN Division.

12,000+The number of credit hours that students have completed in classes like English composition, calculus, physics, etc.

The SPAN Division has a long history of offering accelerated college immersion opportunities to students. Thousands of high school students have participated in our programs. Many SPAN students have remained at IUPUI to complete their college education and have received some of IUPUI’s top scholarships. Others have attended, or are presently attending, prestigious schools such as Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, Yale University, and Cornell University.

The SPAN Division boasts a 100% success rate in transferring college credits earned by SPAN students to state colleges and universities.