Opportunities await

The SPAN Division early college experience offers high school students opportunities to:

  • Earn high school and college credits simultaneously (dual credit)
  • Get an early start on a college degree
  • Explore over 350 majors offered at the IUPUI campus

So if you are:

  • Bored in high school
  • Tired of the slow pace
  • Think you can do better
  • Are ready for something new

You are not alone! Want to get a jump start on college now?

*Dual credit is approved college coursework that may count toward high school graduation requirements. Participants should check with their local high school administration to confirm course eligibility prior to enrollment.

Think about it

  • You only have to take the classes once. If you went to both high school and college, you would have to take some classes twice, like speech, math, and English classes. You can take one class or a full schedule, it’s up to you, and you get to choose the class, from art to zoology and everything in between.
  • They are real college classes with real college professors and real college students. Not just college-level classes taught by a high school teacher. Plus, you are treated like an adult, not another teenager.
  • You can experience a diverse campus. There are people from all over the state, country, and world—each with a different story and different interests.
  • There are more kids like you already on campus. There are more SPAN students on campus than you may realize, so you will never be alone.

Going to college early is not for everyone. If you think you can do it, contact our office at (317) 274-0382 or